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The Yin to your Yang...

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

"The Yin and Yang Concept"

The yin-yang theory states that all things in the universe are governed by opposing, yet interdependent forces. Yin represents the passive and yang represents the active. One can find many ways to describe these opposing forces like night and day, or cold and hot. (

How many of you have ever used with your best friend, your lover, husband, wife etc., "You are the Yin to my Yang?"

It's funny because I recall using this a few times in my life. But really, how do we determine that Yin and Yang concept I quoted above? Is it based on the passive and active theory of opposites? Is it like the opposing forces of night and day and hot and cold?

Let's look at the yin and yang symbol. We know that half of one side is black with a white dot and the other half is white with a black dot. Based on research, the black side with the white dot is considered to be the masculine energy and its referred to as the yang. The white side with the black dot is considered to be the feminine energy and its referred to as the yin. The yang is typically more active, they are more extroverted and very ambitious. The Yin are more peaceful, relaxed and easygoing. Their personalities (YIN) tend to be more hesitant, more emotional and they really read into things.

Now in a love perspective, there is a strong parallel that exists between the Yin and Yang theory and also between romantic love and other relationships. Usually the opposing male (Yang) and female (Yin) are connected to one another, to a point where they can not be without one another and together portray interchangeable qualities. You have probably heard someone tell another person they are their kryptonite, because there is such a strong force that they can't stay away from the cosmic connection, they can't be without it and it calls to them.

So now that we have learned a little bit about this theory, can you all think about that Yang to your Yin or that Yin to your Yang? I can honestly say that I know someone that is totally the Yang to my Yin. (LOL) Sometimes we tend to possibly think that many partners have been the ones that complete us. But it's funny, let's think about something, you are in a relationship for almost a hundred years (dramatic I know), you loved, blissed, lusted, etc., over this relationship. OMG then the unexpected happens, someone comes into your life that you had no idea existed. This person has grasped you in a way that your "person" hasn't. You feel this cosmic force, something that you can't explain, you just feel. The attraction is based on that theory of the opposing forces like night and day or hot and cold. One of you has a fast paced life, always on the go, the ambition is intense that sometimes they need grounding(Yang) . Here comes the peace, relaxed and easy going (Yin) and they balance out the fast paced, always on the go, ambitious half. It's electric and magnetic between you. How can this be? Where is it taking us? Why did our paths cross? When could this happen? Do we know who it is? What does this all mean? All these questions should run through your head and if they are the missing Yin or Yang to you, there is a reason why this crossing of forces happened.

Now looking at this theory, is this the Cinderella, happy ending type of scenario that happens between Yin and Yang theory? Who knows, for some it is that way. Others find it and don't grasp it when it's there in front of them. Years later, they regret not holding onto that force that once made them feel complete.

So with this being said, if you find that Yin to your Yang, grasp them and find out what they really mean and do cosmically for your energy. Do they drain you or do they fill you with positive and electric magnetic vibes? When you haven't touched or seen each other, do you feel like a piece of you is missing? Do you miss them? Best advice I can give from my personal experience is, HOLD ON TO THEM.

I really hope you guys loved this blog on the Yin and Yang theory as I had this in my brain.

Always remember my loves, love yourself, love yourself first, it's up to you! ~~Janet~~

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