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Motivation- Where? Why? Who? What Inspires us?

Who, where and why motivates and inspires us? Is this something that we have within? Or do we seek it from other people as a form of validation? Or do we think about things, goals, ideas and then sike ourselves out because our mind over thinks everything that can go wrong? What is it that we fear when we think of an idea or venture?

I think that for me, I use motivation within to accomplish a goal. Three months ago, before I was clinically diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, it was a different story. My motivation was non-existent, I had no strength or mental stability to motivate myself. I took on way to many things at once, then loosing a meaningful friendship, it just took me over the edge. I was willing to give up all I knew just because my motivation was non existent. I felt at my lowest and I didn't know how to adjust it or find myself.

One day I found this motivation within and I knew that I needed to get out of this funk and find a way to fix the emotions that I was feeling. I used my son as my motivational tool that I knew I had to show him that you can overcome anything you set your mind to. It helped me understand that there is no such thing as giving up.

Motivation needs to be at the top of your list. Only you can motivate yourself to the best of your ability which is never ending. Things that may work for you are setting reminders, setting small goals (daily, monthly, yearly, ETC), which ever works best for you. Once you start seeing that you are meeting these goals, it will motivate you to continue to do more. This method has helped me push myself through school, which is something I always had on the back burner. Motivation has helped me to continue writing my blogs to help others see they are not alone. It's also helped me to start my Merch store for LMM, Loving Me More, It's Up To You. All of these accomplishments are because I set goals, small ones to accomplish, so obtained the motivation to complete them.

So when you are feeling less motivated, look at the light at the end of tunnel, remember the technique of goal setting and you will see a difference in your motivation and following through. I hope this blog inspires you guys to keep going no matter what obstacles stand in your way. We are all winners and we all need that drive to achieve what ever our hearts and minds desire. Remember Love Yourself, Love Yourself First, It's Up To You! ~~~Janet~~~

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