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Loving Myself Enough

I used to be that girl that always thought she wasn't good enough. That everyone around me was better at everything and that I was just ordinary. It's funny, when people come into your life whether it's for a season or forever, how they can impact you mentally, physically and emotionally. But then I came to realize that it shouldn't be because a person is in your life or left you life that determines any of those things. It needs to be from within. It has taken me some time to realize that I do love myself enough to let go of the things that I love and value in order to be who I am meant to be. I am not saying that its easy but it is something that I have struggled with.

What do I do? Well lately I have taken up a few hobbies. One of the hobbies is learning acoustic guitar. I love it because I was a musician all throughout elementary, middle and Highschool. I figured let me try a new instrument. There is something about putting on my headphones and diving into the music and learning a new form of artistic expression. It takes me into another world of self achievement and self love. I am currently working on learning the chords to a song I know. I picked up pretty quick. I am not perfect but I am almost getting there.

Another hobby that I have picked up is reading books that assist me with writing my blog. It helps me see things differently and put things into perspective. It helps me learn new ways to deal with loving myself so I can share with you and hopefully help you. Another thing that this does is help me journal my feelings and what I think. This seems to help more than anything. Also, writing in the blog helps tremendously because it makes me loose any fears that I used to have. I used to be afraid of what people would think if I expressed how I truly felt. I learned recently that it doesn't matter how transparent you are, people are going to enter and leave no matter what. Two years ago I wasn't this strong to tell people or even write about it on a blog how I truly felt or how I really saw myself. I always feared what others thought about me. Today, even though I am not where I would want to be, I am where I should be. I am stronger, I am more vocal and I am inspired more by me than I was. Not only did this come from within but there was a friend that made me see myself in a whole new perspective. I only wish that I still had that friendship but it was a lesson.

So whenever you feel that you aren't enough, find a hobby, something that inspires you to feel better. Watch something funny that will make you smile. Do something kind for yourself, no small deed goes unnoticed. It will definitely change your day. Smile, smile because you know you are a bad ass bitch and nothing can stop you. Keep on shinning like the bright star that you are. Remember, Love yourself, love yourself first, it's up to you. ~~~Janet~~~

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