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In the Mist of Darkness, Comes a Light

In the mist of Darkness, comes a light so bright, that no matter what you are feeling, the brightness will take over and give you a sign of relief.

I know this to be true because I myself have been in the darkness of a mist that I thought I would never recover from. I felt as if the darkness would consume my every breath and thought. Times like that I felt the most alone and that no one would understand what I was feeling or going through. That I was the only person who saw the darkness and felt the darkness. That was far from the truth. One day, out of nowhere, there was a bright light that entered my world and showed me that the darkness was only there for as long as I wanted it to be there. That I , myself was the light that would shine through the dark mist and make it brighter.

I've been lost before, a few times actually. To where I find myself in this thick mist that I can't break through. First time was when I first separated from my ex husband. The mist was so intense that I thought I would never find the light. Thankfully, one day I did look up and saw the opening in the sky with this bright light shinning through that assured me that everything was going to be ok. I knew the dark mist was parting so that I can start to find my way. I won't sit here and lie and say that it happened over night. It has taken me years to find this light and I am still finding spots of brightness from that situation.

The second time I found myself in the dark mist was when I lost someone so special to me without even an explanation until months later. This was the light that had entered my life that helped me find my way through the mist and see the light. They made me see the light beyond what it was and what It could be. The endless possibilities that I could encounter and master. Not only did I care and love this person, but they were my strength. A strength I was finding on my own but it was made even stronger when they entered my life. Even though it wasn't an ideal situation, knowing that there was no ending that I knew of, I still considered them my light. After loosing them with no explanation, the dark mist once again covered my light. I fell into a deep, dark place that I couldn't find my way out. One day, in my mind I heard a voice that told me, you need to find the light again and move on and let go. Let go because holding on will only hurt more. Not letting go would keep me from seeing the light in the dark mist.

As of today, after seeing through the dark mist and realizing that the light was always there in front of me, I can honestly say I am in a brighter state of mind than I was. I gave power to a darkness that in all actuality was keeping me from my own greatness. I had to and still am, finding the strength within me and let go of any beliefs that would send me back into this dark mist with no light. I don't want to be there ever again. So I found myself finding hobbies, like acoustic guitar and my blog that I take so much pride in. Why? Because it's my artistic way of showing who I am and what's helped me. Hopefully you guys can resonate and see that no matter how dark the mist or thick it is, there is a light that will shine through. That light is you! Remember that when you feel like you can't see beyond your own thoughts of despair and realize that you need to love yourself enough to get out and find your light.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Remember, love yourself, love yourself first, it's up to you! ~~~Janet~~~

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