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It's funny how you wake up every morning and you forget to appreciate the fact that you were able to wake up another day. Today I am just full of all sorts of feelings. Life is so fragile. You never know when or what can happen. As human beings, I feel that we take the life we have for granted. We tend to live our lives always worried, busy, running around and we tend not to stop and look and enjoy the life we have. We don't stop and enjoy and spend time with the people who love us. Instead, what do we do? We work like animals because we need to survive. We sit behind an electronic for hours and ignore our loved ones because what's on the screen is soooo important. We tend to forget that life is fragile. Today we are here and tomorrow we can be gone.

My world continues to evolve. I keep seeing life differently. I have learned that being grateful is not just waking up in the morning and saying I am grateful for A, B, C. Being grateful is taking the time to call your loved ones and say I love you. I appreciate you. Calling your friend because you just want them to know you care. It's looking around and seeing that you are alive and breathing. Even through the struggles, you are grateful.

Has anyone ever felt like sometimes there isn't enough to be grateful for? Or maybe sometimes feel that if you are grateful, everything is going to fall apart and you will loose whatever it is that you are grateful for? I sometimes find myself feeling that if I am too grateful I will loose whatever I am grateful for. Luckily, I am learning to ground myself by writing about it on here. I figured maybe if I express it by writing and read it, I will be more grateful without fear.

So, what is the point of this particular blog? I have no idea except the fact that being grateful is an important part of your daily self care and self love routine. No matter how crappy of a day or how horrible you may feel inside, be grateful for the smallest most obvious things in your life. I find myself feeling relieved once I open my eyes and see myself being grateful and it just shifts my mood and my view about the day. Love yourself first! Love yourself more! I am loving me more, it's up to you!

BE GRATEFUL for the amazing person you are, the happiness and joy you bring to others, the air you breathe, opening your eyes and especially for being you!!!

If you feel like you need some help or need someone to just vent to and help you. I may be a stranger online, blogging about life, but I can understand and relate. Email me and reach out. I'll do my best to hear you out. You are not alone as I know I am not alone.

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